Nerd in Residence

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No question is to naive for our friendly Nerd-In-Residence.


Researching something on the internet can be like drinking from a fire extinguisher. Especially when it comes to sensitive questions, it is important to have a specialist who answers your questions face-to-face. Our nerds are specialy prepared experts with a basic know-how and patience to make their knowledge acassable.




Our Nerd-In-Residence will be there for you on 6 days a week. He asisst you with your first steps into a world, that unfortunately for many people still has a dubious aura.


From data encryption to online banking, we're here to answers your questions in regards to privacy. We'll help you to enable privacy on your devices, by setting privacy related configuration or by installing software that will do.


We offer assessments about threat to your privacy, to ensure that you take the right amount of effort to protect yourself. We teach about online privacy in social network like Facebook, Twitter and Google+



Besides our services we offer a wide range of specialized hard-ware and products from the world of online privacy.


We sell Movies and books, dongles and masks, camera covers and RFID protections. Funny glasses and of course the iconic mask. 



Installation and set-up: Tor Browser Bundle (+ 15 minutes introduction) - €25.00

Installation and set-up: TAIL Operation System - €30.00

Installation and set-up: OpenSource Operation System on your Computer or SmartPhone - €40.00

Installation and set-up: Mail Encryption Software

Lap Top Camera Cover - €20.00

RFID Case (For Passports and Cards) - €70.00

And much more...

Opening Spring 2018 @ Berlin Weekly - Linienstrasse 160 - 10115 Berlin