Update, Summer 2018: 

Unfortunately, I could not get enough funding for the project. Thank you for your trust and support! Now I am working on a new idea, even more fun!

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We love the internet and we are worried to see this great technology developing in the wrong way.

More and more communication is online, more and more we depend on it. Therefore it cant be good, if the seismic-shifts and major rules are made by a few big players. Together with our guest and members,

we will built an island of anonymity in the heart of Berlin and make a point for what we claim:

The internet belongs to the people.


The ACafe enpowers its guests and members to use the internet like a pro.


Undisturbed Tea, Coffe and Internet. Served with know-how by our trained personel.


By visiting the ACafe, you make a statement for digital rights. Or you are just currious. 

ACafe is the place where regular internet users can go, to get a face-to-face consulting service.

Our Nerd-In-Residence is an expert who is on hand to help in a non-jargon, clear way.

You dont care about your digital rights?

Are you sure?

Is the ACafe supporting illegal activities?

Not at all!

"Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”

Edward Snowden

Privacy is not an issue for you? Please come in anyway, we serve hot tea and ice cold ClubMate. And we invite you to get your first insights in an interesting world that for many people unfortunately has a dubious, dark aura.

Freedom can always be misused. So can the right to communicate privately be misused for illegal activity. We oppose that and as far as we can, we will prevent it.

The technology and knowledge we provide are tools to claim an essential Human Right, the right to be in privacy.

We start with the BETA Version.

Pop-Up in Linienstrasse

The Gallery Berlin Weekly is located in the center of the Berlin. The space is very small, this gives us the chance to stream line the concept and to get ready for a long-term ACafe.

A project by Gregor Hutz. 10245 Berlin. www.gregor-hutz.de